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John Chrysostom , bishop of Constantinople, wrote a comment on First Corinthians This whole place is very obscure: but the obscurity is produced by our ignorance of the facts referred to and by their cessation, being such as then used to occur but now no longer take place…. Well: what did happen then? Whoever was baptized he straightway spoke with tongues….


They at once on their baptism received the Spirit… [They] began to speak, one in the tongue of the Persians, another in that of the Romans, another in that of the Indians, or in some other language. And this disclosed to outsiders that it was the Spirit in the speaker. Francis Xavier is said to have preached in tongues unknown to him; and St. Vincent Ferrer, while using his native tongue, was understood in others. During the time of the great mystics of the church, there were credible reports of the operation of the Spirit as evidenced in amazing miracles, prophetic words, and many signs and wonders.

In the lives of the mystics, Pentecost was preserved. Anthony of Padua d. Renowned as a worker of miracles, he was also acclaimed as a preacher. It is said that St. Catherine of Cienna d. As she pursued these passions, miracles followed.

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Francis of Xavier d. He was born of noble parents and was by nature refined, aristocratic and ambitious.

While he was a professor at the University of Paris he met the renowned St. Ignatius Loyola.

William Seymour

His missionary career began in , traveling to the East Indies. During a ten-year period of time he would travel to within to Ceylon, India, Malaya and Japan. Madam Guyon d. I went very far to the church, which was so situated, that the coach could not come to it. There was a steep hill to go down and another to ascend. All that cost me nothing; I had such a longing desire to meet with my God, as my only good, who on His part was graciously forward to give Himself to His poor creature, and for it to do even visible miracles.

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Upon his return, he completed the work for his theological doctorate and became a professor at Wittenberg. Obsessed with anxieties about his own salvation, he sought relief in frequent confession and extreme asceticism. His search for peace of mind led him, under the guidance of Staupitz, to further study of the Scriptures. In the Scriptures, Luther found a loving God who bestowed upon sinful humans the free gift of salvation, to be received through faith, against which all good works were as nothing. There is a tendency when thinking of the Reformation to think only of Calvinism and orthodoxy—not prophecy or prophetic utterance!

When I speak of prophecy, I mean the manifestation of revelatory words, as Paul describes, as one of the nine gifts of the Spirit in First Corinthians chapters 12— However, the Reformation was more than just a return to fresh revelation of the Scriptures. Martin Luther taught on the value of the prophetic in his commentary on Joel Thus with respect to this declaration of the prophet, prophecy, visions and dreams are, in truth, one precious gift. Once he found his bosom friend, Melanchthon, deathly sick.

How has the devil disfigured this instrument? Give no place to the spirit of grief, nor become the slayer of thyself, but trust in the Lord, who is able to kill and to make alive.

I pray this earnestly, and will have it granted. There had been a halfhearted attempt at religious freedom for the Protestants in France since and the Edict of Nantes. However, in Louis XIV revoked the treaty and persecution returned. Like the Montanist movement, they experienced strong convulsions and ecstatic movements as the Word of the Lord was being proclaimed. To a large extent, this was the contentious issue with the French church and government.

Thousands were martyred; many fled to England; others entrenched in the mountains. One peasant named Halmede had a son 12 years old who had received this blessing. Meanwhile the local parish priest counseled that a forced fast with added beatings would stop his son from prophesying. But it was to no avail, and Halmede returned in a short while with the same complaint. However, when this remedy was used, the child was shaken with a violent trembling; and with a loud voice, he shouted out the displeasure of the Lord over the sinful act that the father was committing.

An Overview of the Azusa Street Revival

Then, like a bolt of lightning, Halmede was struck and began to weep tears of repentance. Within a few days, he became like his son—a shaking prophet with the Spirit of revelation and knowledge. So, we discover that the rise of the gift of prophecy is not confined to these last few decades. We are merely following in the path of other pioneers—some of them children.

Have you witnessed child prophets in your midst? This lasted for nine months until one Sunday morning prayer time in his house when God loosed his tongue and he prophesied after an extended period of shaking. Children as young as fourteen months prophesied the word of the Lord in impeccable Parisian French. They often spoke of the angelic song that would be heard in their meetings. The restoration of apostolic patterns of worship and lifestyle, 2. The importance of a conversion experience, 3.

Baptism of believers only, 4. Baptism by immersion, 5. Total separation of church and state, 6. The power to overcome sin after conversion, and 26 Roots of Revival 7. The need to live a holy life.

A prominent Anabaptist leader named Menno Simons, whose followers became known as Mennonites, wrote about speaking in tongues as if it were expected evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit. The congregation sometimes shouted and danced, and always sang hymns with great fervor. They claimed that the inward voice of the Holy Spirit takes precedence over the external Word of Scripture.

Many reports of highly-charged gatherings, which included tongue-speaking, are recorded in Anabaptist literature. They arrived at the estate of Count Zinzendorf and there a spiritual revival would occur that would eventually impact the world. He was 27 years old, about the average age of the group. On Wednesday, August 13, the church, dissatisfied with themselves, came together for a specially called communion service.

They left that communion at noon, hardly knowing whether they belonged to earth or had already gone to Heaven. It was a day of outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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The Holy Spirit came upon us and in those days and great signs and wonders took place in our midst. It led to the launch of one of the most significant worldwide missionary 28 Roots of Revival efforts ever. Their first missionaries went to the West Indies to minister to slaves, willing to become slaves themselves, if necessary, to reach those in dismal servitude.

The Wesleyan revival would become the spiritual forerunner of the modern Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. That the Montanists, in the second and third centuries, were real, scriptural Christians; and, 2. He defined them. He described them.