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Cluster Munitions Based on numerous reports by actors on the ground such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Mennonite Central Committee and Human Rights Watch, starting in the late 90s, the attention to the deadly effects of Cluster Munitions was brought to public attention and a global movement to ban them started to build up.

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Despite many more or less successful attempts to deal with Cluster Bombs within the Convention on Conventional Weapons and many national initiatives to set up moratoria and bans, the final push to deal with Cluster Bombs on an international level was the attack on southern Lebanon by Israel. A year later, a process to ban these weapons outside the CCW started in Oslo and lead to the Convention on Cluster Munitions that entered into force in August Similar to the Ottawa Convention, it prohibits all use, stockpiling, production and transfer of this weapon and contains articles concerning victim assistance, clearance and stockpile destruction.

The Cluster Munition Coalition is the umbrella organization of all concerned NGOs dealing with Cluster Bombs or victim assistance and has since coordinated the movement. United Nations Dept. They contaminate much wider areas than landmines do, with denser coverage, and are located much more indiscriminately.

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ERW may be clearly visible on the surface, hidden in undergrowth or buried beneath the ground. It can be difficult to identify ERW.

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Items may be fragmented or corroded and hard to recognise. In the case of cluster sub-munitions, they are often small and brightly coloured, making them especially attractive to children.

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Civilians often have no choice but to engage with ERW in the course of their daily lives. Fatalities occur when people attempt to move ERW, out of economic necessity or a sense of social responsibility — for example, attempting to make an area safe for children. Effects of ERW on communities Civilian deaths. An essential round-up of science news, opinion and analysis, delivered to your inbox every weekday.

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Close banner Close. Nature menu. Nature Research menu. Examples include organic peroxides , nitrogen triiodide and dry picric acid. Such materials should only be dealt with by explosives-trained experts. Other explosions can be caused by mixing incompatible chemicals.

This is a common sort of laboratory accident and one of the most terrifying. Explosions can also be caused by over-pressurized containers.

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On a smaller scale, pressure can build up inside reaction vessels or containers if they are not properly vented, leading to catastrophic failure. Never rely on the absence of a smell alone to indicate that propane or natural gas vapors are not present, particularly in a confined space.

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The odorants used in these gases can sometimes fade upon storage; see the entry on anosmia for more information on this phenomenon. Additional Reading Get your training posters, signs, labels and more at Safety Emporium. An example of a real-life laboratory explosion caused by mixing incompatible chemicals.

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  • Anatomy of an Explosion by Kieron Helsdon. OSHA has numerous reports of fatal oil tank explosions.

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    Lessons to prevent deaths during hot work in, around tanks provides some key lesson and graphic photos from incidents involving improper precautions with potentially explosive vapors. See also : flammable , peroxide.