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Students have picked up several high frequency verbs from the classic TPR and Special Person interviews we have already done in class. They are excited and feel empowered. They feel like they can get this Spanish stuff. We have had two five minute sustained silent reading times so far. Those times have been followed with requests for reactions.

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Kids are shocked and proud that they are understanding some things already and they are eager to share. The teacher sits and reads when the kids read.

This is a crucial step that many teachers leave out of class reading time. The teacher must show that reading is valued and important on a personal level. If the teacher is not an enthusiastic reader, the reading bug will not spread to the students. I ask students what they understood and some give a synopsis. I flat out state several times and in different ways that it is OK to be a reader in this class. I let them know that I think being smart is cool.

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My students are amazing! Many of them are risk takers in the language classroom. They are full of questions about the language and culture and love to tell goofy stories in Spanish.

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We really have a blast! To help improve their Spanish skills, reading is the key! Occasionally I do have a bilingual student who can understand spoken Spanish but not written. My goal with these students is to increase their writing and reading skills. The language heard and seen in the classroom should be comprehensible. By reading these Spanish readers that have been written by teaching professionals using a variety of cognates and words introduced in class, students will grow in their understanding of the top Spanish words and the top 16 verb structures.

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They won't be able to take them out of the classroom as I have 8 classes approximately students total that will be reading and sharing these books. Total project cost.

Teaching Reading Through Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) Strategy at Junior High School

Privacy Copyright. Skip to main content. DigitalCommons Hamline. Author Elizabeth M. Abstract The research question discussed in this project is what impact does access to Spanish books at their level and time to read Spanish books of their choice have on elementary students' language development and fluency? Recommended Citation Werner, Elizabeth M.

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