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It's about your customer. We help bring that into a focus again. Your customer, the final say Your customer has the final say on whether your marketing plan is a big success, an utter failure, or somewhere in between. What do your best customers like and dislike?

How do they spend their free time? What media do they consume? How do they make purchasing decisions? How do prospects feel about you? Got five minutes? Smart, clear, and very effective, the advice in this book will be cherished by anyone involved in the marketing process, from the veteran CEO to the first-time marketing assistant.

Ultimately, Marketing Straight to the Heart proves that no company, no matter how seemingly invincible, can ignore the reality of their customers' emotions. Remember New Coke? Ask them to tell you how they use the products and what their experience has been since they started using them. Before I make a purchase, I like to know what other people think of the product. The same applies in direct sales. We like to hear from others who have used the product. In online marketing, reviews and testimonials are even more important.

Testimonials are also powerful because we want to have things that other people have and love. Include reviews and testimonials on your website, social media accounts, and your Facebook group.

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Give people an easy way to review your product. Then highlight customers who have given you glowing testimonials. It provides social proof that the products are amazing which will lead to more sales. Customers love to get a shout-out on social media.

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If you make customer spotlights a regular part of your social media strategy, you will get even more reviews and testimonials because your customers will want to be the next one to be in the spotlight. The same strategy works for team building. Highlight your team members as they grow their business. People love praise recognition and will often work harder for it than for money. Be their biggest cheerleader and make sure they know you are grateful for them.

Use video in your direct sales business. All you need is your computer or cell phone, and you can go live on your social channels. It gives your customers a way to put a face and a voice to the name and really humanizes your business. Having a large social media following and email list is one thing.

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Converting those people into customers is another. Set up lead generation funnels so that your followers have ways consume your content and then purchase from you. Always point them in the direction you want them to go with clear calls to action. Places you want to funnel people to are: your Facebook group, your blog, your email list, and your replicated website.

If you are adding value and building relationships at all of these touchpoints, they will purchase from you when the time is right for them to order. Here are some ideas for using interactive content such as quizzes and contests to fill your sales funnel.

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When you meet people at events, home parties, and in daily life, be sure to send them to your website and social channels. Lead with value and give them a reason to follow you. Then start to build the relationship with them online. One effective way to do this is to take a selfie with the person you meet with their permission of course and tell them you want to post it on your Facebook or Instagram page.

Tell them to like your page right then and there and then tag them in the post. Make it fun, and they will want to join your community.

Then send them invites to your email list, your Facebook group, and your blog. The internet has changed the way direct sales businesses are built. Using effective inbound marketing practices to attract customers to your direct sales business provides limitless ways to grow your reach online. Never forget the founding principles of direct sales - use the power of storytelling, lead with value and build relationships — and your business will no doubt grow as you learn to master inbound marketing in your direct sales business.

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