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Nuclear Power (Library in a Book)

For more details on how to take advantage of this service, or to recommend the title to your librarian, please Contact us or Recommend to your Librarian. About IOP ebooks. During his time at The Open University he created several courses in design and innovation, with special emphasis on how the innovation development process can be directed towards sustainable technologies. He has published numerous books, reports and papers, especially in the area of developing sustainable and renewable energy technologies and systems.

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In representing the interests of the Canadian nuclear science and engineering community, the Canadian Nuclear Society CNS issued that report as a factual, objective contribution to the national discussion on the future role of a national multi-purpose research reactor in Canada. Click here to view the Maintaining Excellence page.

Click here to go to the CNA Library page, where you can find the link to download the book. Unlocking the Atom gives an introduction to radiation, both natural and man-made, and covers the complete nuclear spectrum including power reactors, safety, nuclear waste, medicine, uranium, fusion, industrial and research applications.

This material is presented from a Canadian viewpoint, although it is placed in a global perspective.

Thorium - The Future of Energy?

Unlocking the Atom is illustrated with nearly 80 figures and photos with profiles of ten Canadian nuclear pioneers. For further details and ordering information, click here.

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Wiles carefully describes the nature of radioactivity and of nuclear power and discusses in detail the management of radioactive waste by the multi-barrier system, but also takes an unusual approach to assessing the risks. Using knowledge of the chemical properties of the various radionuclides in spent fuel, this book follows each of the important radionuclides as it travels through the many barriers placed in its path.

A careful analysis of the critical points of the disposal plan emphasizes site rejection criteria and other stages at which particular care must be taken, demonstrating how dangers can be anticipated and putting to rest the fear of nuclear fuel waste and its geological burial. It then compares the advantages and disadvantages of making electricity with nuclear energy versus making it with fossil fuels.

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Ordering information is available here. Written for anyone interested in nuclear energy, this book offers a complete explanation of how nuclear reactors work. The reader learns how radiation is generated, how each of the current different models of nuclear reactors works, why current reactor designs are very safe, how the disposal of nuclear waste will be handled, and why nuclear energy will be the best source of energy for the future.

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